Daily Lectionary Readings

Service Schedule

In the following table we use the pictogram to represent a plumeria flower, which is common to the Island of Maui. Whenever a red plumeria appears next to a service date, it means that the Maui Mission is planning to hold a service on that day. A gold color one indicates a completed service.


Triodion (Feb - May) | Pentecostarion (May - Jun) | Menológion (Jul - Aug) | Menológion (Sep - Dec)


Menológion (Jan - Feb) | Triodion (Feb - Apr) | Pentecostarion (May - Jul) | Menológion (Jul - Sep) | Menológion (Sep - Dec)


Menológion (Jan - Feb)

Triodion (February — May 2021)

Mode 4
The Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee 21 Feb 2021
Memory of St. Procopius of Dekapolis 27 Feb 2021

Mode Pl. 1
The Sunday of the Prodigal Son 28 Feb 2021
The Saturday of Souls 06 Mar 2021

Mode Pl. 2
Meat-Fare Sunday: The Sunday of the Last Judgement 07 Mar 2021
Cheese-Fare Saturday: The Commemoration of All Our Righteous and God-bearing Fathers and Mothers Who Shone Forth in the Ascetical Life 13 Mar 2021

Cheese-Fare Sunday: The Sunday of Forgiveness, and the Commemoration of Adam's Exile from Paradise 14 Mar 2021
The First Saturday of the Fast: The Commemoration of the Miracle of the Kollyva wrought by Saint Theodore the Tyro 20 Mar 2021

Mode Pl. 4
The First Sunday of the Fast: The Sunday of Orthodoxy 21 Mar 2021
The Second Saturday of the Fast 27 Mar 2021

Mode 1
The Second Sunday of the Fast: Saint Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Thessalonica, 28 Mar 2021
The Third Saturday of the Fast 03 Apr 2021

Mode 2
The Third Sunday of the Fast: The Worship of the Precious and Life-giving Cross 04 Apr 2021
The Fourth Saturday of the Fast 10 Apr 2021

Mode 3
The Fourth Sunday of the Fast: Saint John of the Ladder 11 Apr 2021
The Thursday of the Fifth Week: The Great Canon of Saint Andrew of Crete 15 Apr 2021
The Saturday of the Akathist Hymn 17 Apr 2021

Mode 4
The Fifth Sunday of the Fast: Saint Mary of Egypt 18 Apr 2021
Lazarus Saturday 24 Apr 2021

Palm Sunday 25 Apr 2021
Holy and Great Monday 26 Apr 2021
Holy and Great Tuesday 27 Apr 2021
Holy and Great Wednesday 28 Apr 2021
Holy and Great Thursday 29 Apr 2021
Holy and Great Friday 30 Apr 2021
Holy and Great Saturday 01 May 2021