Daily Lectionary Readings

Service Schedule

In the following table we use the pictogram to represent a plumeria flower, which is common to the Island of Maui. Whenever a red plumeria appears next to a service date, it means that the Maui Mission is planning to hold a service on that day. A gold color one indicates a completed service.


Triodion (Feb - May) | Pentecostarion (May - Jun) | Menológion (Jul - Aug) | Menológion (Sep - Dec)


Menológion (Jan - Feb) | Triodion (Feb - Apr) | Pentecostarion (May - Jul) | Menológion (Jul - Sep) | Menológion (Sep - Dec)


Menológion (Jan - Feb) | Triodion (Feb - Apr) | Pentecostarion (Apr - Jul) | Menológion (Jul - Sep) | Menológion (Sep - Dec)


Menológion (Jan - Feb) | Triodion (Feb - May) | Pentecostarion (May - Jul)

Menológion (January — February 2023)

Immovable feasts from the beginning of the calander year up to the Triodion

The Octoëchos system with an 8-week cycle

Circumcision of Christ — Mode 4
Basil the Great 01 Jan 2023
Synaxis of the Worthy and Glorious Prophet John the Baptist 07 Jan 2023

Sunday After Epiphany — Mode Pl. 1
George of Hozeva; Dominica the Righteous 08 Jan 2023
Apodosis of Theophany; Fathers Slain at Sinai & Raitho 14 Jan 2023

12th Sunday of Luke — Mode Pl. 2
Paul of Thebes; John the Cave Dweller 15 Jan 2023
Maximus the Confessor; Martyr Neophytos 21 Jan 2023

15th Sunday of Luke — Mode Pl. 3 (Varys)
Timothy of the 70; Martyr Anastasios the Persian 22 Jan 2023
Ephraim the Syrian Isaac the Syrian 28 Jan 2023

Sunday of the Canaanite — Mode Pl. 4
Removal of the Relics of Ignatius the God-bearer; Laurence of the Kiev Caves 29 Jan 2023
Isadore of Pelusium; Nicholas the Confessor 04 Feb 2023

The Liturgical Year

Four books contain the festal services necessary for the liturgical year. The Menaion, the Triodion, the Pentecostarion, and the Octoechos. Visit Holy Transfiguration Monastery Publications: The Liturgical Year Introduced.