Daily Lectionary Readings

Service Schedule

In the following table we use the pictogram to represent a plumeria flower, which is common to the Island of Maui. Whenever a red plumeria appears next to a service date, it means that the Maui Mission is planning to hold a service on that day. A gold color one indicates a completed service.


Triodion (Feb - May) | Pentecostarion (May - Jun) | Menológion (Jul - Aug) | Menológion (Sep - Dec)


Menológion (Jan - Feb) | Triodion (Feb - Apr) | Pentecostarion (May - Jul) | Menológion (Jul - Sep) | Menológion (Sep - Dec)


Menológion (Jan - Feb) | Triodion (Feb - May)

Triodion (February — April 2022)

Immovable feasts from the beginning of the Triodion up to the Pentecostarion

The Octoëchos system with an 8-week cycle

Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee; Triodion Begins — Mode 1
Martinianos the Righteous; Aquilla & Priscilla the Apostles 13 Feb 2022
Philemon, Archippos of the 70; Philithea Martyr of Athens 19 Feb 2022

Sunday of the Prodigal Son — Mode 2
Leo, Bishop of Catania; Agathon, Pope of Rome 20 Feb 2022
Porphyrios, Bishop of Gaza; Photini the Samaritan & sisters 26 Feb 2022

Judgment Sunday (Meatfare Sunday) — Mode 3
Prokopios The Confessor; Raphael of Brooklyn 27 Feb 2022
Konon the Gardener; Mark the Ascetic 05 Mar 2022

Forgiveness Sunday — Mode 4
42 Martyrs of Amorion; Finding the Cross by Helen 06 Mar 2022
The Commemoration of the Miracle of Kollyva wrought by Saunt Theodore the Tyro Theophanes the Confessor; Symeon the New Theologian 12 Mar 2022

Sunday of Orthodoxy — Mode Pl. 1
Removal of relics of Nicephoros; Pouplios, Bishop of Athens 13 Mar 2022
Chysanthos & Daria Demetrios the New Martyr 19 Mar 2022

Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas — Mode Pl. 2
Fathers Monastery of St. Savas; Cuthbert the Wonderworker 20 Mar 2022
Synarxis of Archangel Gabriel: 26 Martyrs in Crimea 26 Mar 2022

Sunday of the Holy Cross — Mode Pl. 3 (Varys)
Matrona of Thessaloniki; Paul, Bishop of Corinth 27 Mar 2022
Titus the Wonderworker; Theodora of Palestine 02 Apr 2022

Sunday of St. John Climacus — Mode Pl. 4
Nikitas the Confessor; Joseph the Hymnographer 03 Apr 2022
Eupsychios the Martyr; Vladin the Righteous of Persia 09 Apr 2022

Sunday of St. Egypt — Mode 1
Terence & his Companions; Gregory V, Pat. of Constan.; Raphael, Nicholas and Irene 10 Apr 2022
Agape, Chionia, Irene, Martyrs 16 Apr 2022

Palm Sunday — Mode 2
Symeon, Bishop of Persia; Makarios, Bishop of Corinth 17 Apr 2022
Ianouarios and Companions; Alexandra the Empress 21 Apr 2022
Theodore the Sykeote; Nathaniel, Luke, & Clemente 22 Apr 2022
Great Martyr George 23 Apr 2022

Great and Holy Pascha — Mode 3
Elizabeth the Wonderworker; Savvas the General of Rome 24 Apr 2022
James the Apostle; Argyra the New Martyr 30 Apr 2022

The Liturgical Year

Four books contain the festal services necessary for the liturgical year. The Menaion, the Triodion, the Pentecostarion, and the Octoechos. Visit Holy Transfiguration Monastery Publications: The Liturgical Year Introduced.