Daily Lectionary Readings

Service Schedule

In the following table we use the pictogram to represent a plumeria flower, which is common to the Island of Maui. Whenever a red plumeria appears next to a service date, it means that the Maui Mission is planning to hold a service on that day. A gold color one indicates a completed service.


Triodion (Feb - May) | Pentecostarion (May - Jun) | Menológion (Jul - Aug) | Menológion (Sep - Dec)


Menológion (Jan - Feb) | Triodion (Feb - Apr) | Pentecostarion (May - Jul) | Menológion (Jul - Sep) | Menológion (Sep - Dec)


Menológion (Jan - Feb)

Pentecostarion (May — June 2021)

First Sunday of Easter
The Holy and Great Sunday of Pascha 02 May 2021
Saturday of Renewal Week 08 May 2021

Second Sunday of Easter
The Sunday of Antipascha — Thomas Sunday 09 May 2021
Saturday of the Second Week 15 May 2021

Third Sunday of Easter — Mode 2
The Sunday of the Myrrh-bearing Women 16 May 2021
Saturday of the Third Week in Memory of the Holy Martyr Basiliscus 22 May 2021

Forth Sunday of Easter — Mode 3
The Sunday of the Paralytic 23 May 2021
Saturday of the Fourth Week 29 May 2021

Fifth Sunday of Easter — Mode 4
The Sunday of the Samaritan Woman 30 May 2021
Saturday of the Fifth Week 05 Jun 2021

Sixth Sunday of Easter — Mode Pl. 1
The Sunday of the Blind Man 06 Jun 2021
Saturday of the Sixth Week 12 Jun 2021

Seventh Sunday of Easter — Mode Pl. 2
The Sunday of the Holy and God-bearing Fathers at Nicaea 13 Jun 2021
The Saturday of Souls 19 Jun 2021

Eighth Sunday of Easter
The Sunday of Holy Pentecost 20 Jun 2021
Saturday after Pentecost 26 Jun 2021

End of Movable Feasts — Mode Pl. 4
The Sunday of All Saints 27 Jun 2021

The Liturgical Year

Four books contain the festal services necessary for the liturgical year. The Menaion, the Triodion, the Pentecostarion, and the Octoechos. Visit Holy Transfiguration Monastery Publications: The Liturgical Year Introduced.