Daily Lectionary Readings

Service Schedule

In the following table we use the pictogram to represent a plumeria flower, which is common to the Island of Maui. Whenever a red plumeria appears next to a service date, it means that the Maui Mission is planning to hold a service on that day. A gold color one indicates a completed service.

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Menológion (July — September 2022)

Immovable feasts through the end of the ecclesiastical year

Start of the Octoëchos 8-week cycle

Third Sunday of Matthew — Mode 2
Hyacinth of Caesarea; Anatolios, Pat. of Constan. 03 Jul 2022
Pancratios, Bishop of Sicily; Dionysios the Orator 09 Jul 2022

Fourth Sunday of Matthew — Mode 3
45 Martyrs Nikopolis, Armenia; Martyr Apollonios 10 Jul 2022
Athenogenes of Heracleopolis; Julia of Carthage 16 Jul 2022

Sunday of the Holy Fathers — Mode 4
Marina of Antioch; Veronika & Speratos the Martyrs 17 Jul 2022
Phocas, Bishop of Sinope; Ezekiel the Prophet 23 Jul 2022

Sixth Sunday of Matthew — Mode Pl. 1
Christina the Great Martyr; Anthenagoras the Apologist 24 Jul 2022
Silas & Silvanos of the 70; Julitta of Caesaria 30 Jul 2022

Seventh Sunday of Matthew — Mode Pl. 2
Forefeast of the Precious Cross Joseph of Arimathea 31 Aug 2022
Transfiguration of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 06 Aug 2022

Eighth Sunday of Matthew — Mode Pl. 3 (Varys)
Dometios of Persia & Disciples; Nikanor the Wonderworker 07 Aug 2022
Apodosis of the Transfiguration; Maximos the Confessor 13 Aug 2022

Nineth Sunday of Matthew — Mode Pl. 4
Forefeast of the Dormition; Micah the prophet 14 Aug 2022
Samuel the Prophet; Lukios the Counselor 20 Aug 2022

Tenth Sunday of Matthew — Mode 1
Thaddeus of the 70; Bassi &her sons 21 Aug 2022
Pimen the Great; Phanourios the Great Martyr 27 Aug 2022

Eleventh Sunday of Matthew — Mode 2
Moses the Black of Scete; Diomedes & Laurence 28 Aug 2022
Anthimos of Necomedea; Theoctistus and Euthymius 03 Sep 2022

The Liturgical Year

Four books contain the festal services necessary for the liturgical year. The Menaion, the Triodion, the Pentecostarion, and the Octoechos. Visit Holy Transfiguration Monastery Publications: The Liturgical Year Introduced.